A Safe, Smart and Sustainable Transport Platform.


To leverage on global partnership and technology innovation in AI and new energy for a better and greener transport system.


To become our clients reliable and trust smart energy solution provider with best expertise and industry resources.

Products & Solutions

New Energy Vehicle

- Electric Prime Mover
- Hydrogen Prime Mover
- Electric Tractor

AI Driving

- Drive-by-wire
- L0/L1/L2 ADAS
- L3/L4 Autonomous Driving

AI Fleet Operations

- Optimal Global Path Planning
- Energy Consumption Optimization
- Predictive maintenance



Safe & Raliable & Efficient middleware

AutoKernel Decentralized Real-time Big-data Security Backup Remote Monitoring Visualization Transformation Simulation Analysation Teleoperation Blackbox Localization Perception Vehicle Control Fleet Cooperation Obstacle Avoidance Path Planning


Infrastructure-Free Localization

No Extra Infrastructure
(No RFID, No UWB, ...)

GNSS is Optional
(GPS, Beidou, Galileo, ...)
Fusion from both of
Structure & Texture Features
Applicable for Tunnels
Applicable for Container TerminalApplicable for Airport

SingPilot® Solutions

Standard & Modular Products

AutoKernel™ self-driving fleet human-driving fleet SingFleet™ simulation-based FMS SingDrive™ AD-DCU (all-in-one) SingPose™ vehicle tracking SingWire™ drive-by-wire SingSens™ ADAS

Selected Projects

Electric Prime Mover
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prime Mover
Autonomous Follow-me Vehicle for Airport
Autonomous Vehicle for Hefei Port
Autonomous Vehicle for Beibuwan Port
Autonomous Tractor for Industry 4.0
Autonomous Vehicle for NTU
Autonomous Vehicle for SIT

Open Jobs To

Robotics Experts

SLAM, Control Theory, Path Planning, Obstacle Avoidance, Object Detection & Tracking, ...

Sensor Experts

Lidar, Camera, Radar, GPS, IMU, DMI, Car ECU, Filters, Point Cloud, Sensor Fusion, ...

Machine Learning Experts

Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Supervised Learning, ...

Software/Hardware Engineers

Software Development, Embedded System, Electronic Designs, ...

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About Us

Wee Boon Siong

  • Former CEO, RHT Green
  • Former Head, Carbon Care Asia
  • BA degree, Cambridge University
  • Expert in Sustainability Space
  • 25+ years experiences in Europe, US, and Asia.

Dr Song Zhiwei

  • Robotics R&D since 1999
  • Autonomous driving R&D since 2014
  • Developed Autonmous Vehicle which PM Lee rode in Oct 2015
  • Borderless Award, A*STAR 2016
  • Borderless Award, MTI 2016

Elina Zheng

  • Former Senior Operations Director of Alcatel-Lucent Singapore
  • More experiences in Malaysia & India
  • PM experiences for projects of $billions

Dr Wang Danwei
Chief Scientist

  • Fellow, IEEE
  • Fellow, Institution of Engineers Singapore
  • Professor, School of EEE, NTU
  • Head, NTU Robotics Lab
  • Scientific paper cited by 7280+ times

Dr Zhou Yi

  • Assoc. Prof., Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Ph.D (EEE), Nanyang Technological University
  • Chartered Engineer, Singapore

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